Concept Album

Mesmositio is an album and video project that captures the experimental audiovisual representation of the Corona pandemic. The album was created during a study abroad semester and is composed entirely of samples recorded on location, including street music and processed field recordings.


Contagiar and Recuperar

In addition to the album, two music videos were created to visually represent the time and place of the recordings. These videos feature footage from the same time as the audio recordings, which were transformed in a similar way to the music. So that the videos and music work together to form a fusion.



The video for the song Goticulas was a collaboration with Oliver Skovronek. We designed the music video to be raw and direct, in line with the sound of the music. The central idea was to create feedback loops, which we arranged in the space. It was important for us to work experimentally during the creation process. Therefore, we always worked spontaneously, improvising and optimizing the structure and flow with each session. This allowed us to address the unique artifacts and characteristics that arose from working with feedback loops.